Client Brief New Zealand Assets Management is a company specialising in the management, through investment, of clients’ funds. It is important that the fit out reflects a number of facts that are our company. These include a conservative approach to the investment of client funds but also the maximisation of returns.  The resulting fit out must reflect an enduring quality and detailing in keeping with the classicism of the General Building.

Parlante Solution The upgrade of the lift lobby was designed to reflect the detailing and major elements of the ground floor lobby. While separated from the lift lobby, the client waiting and reception area is visible through the installed timber and glass doors. There is no receptionist per se and clients are taken to one of four meeting rooms almost immediately upon arrival. Georgian styled furniture, a reproduction antique centre table, antique rug over granite flooring all produce a traditional yet comfortable environment. 

In one of the small meeting rooms, slate furniture has been combined with Eames Aluminium Group black leather chairs as an introduction of contemporary classic furniture. In the planning, a sub corridor has been added to dispense with a large number of doors to the male/female toilets and electrical cupboard. The balance of the space is virtually open plan devoid of screens with partners grouped in one area and the balance of the team in the remainder.

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