Client Brief: Tourism New Zealand is the government agency tasked with promoting New Zealand as a tourism goal both domestically and internationally.

With the relocation to new offices and their on going business development, we were asked to look at a flexible approach to their working environment.

We were to include for a multi-use reception area with the facility to host functions and presentations; an open plan working environment with casual collaboration areas; various sized meeting rooms; café area; resource library; utility areas.

Parlante Solution: The building's location in Wellington gave the floor unparalleled views across the city and especially the harbour. We maximised the outlook by keeping the scheme as open as possible, all essential vertical elements requiring wall space are pushed towards the central core with circulation directly adjacent thus leaving the working zones open to the scenery.

The reception area is the focal point of the scheme; it is not just the initial greeting area but a showcase for New Zealand that can be transformed into a function space for promotional purposes. As you enter you are greeted by an iconic 'koru' motif reflected on the floor and ceiling to represent the start of your journey. Curved screens cradle the area; they focus the visitor towards the desk but still maintain the open views of the city. For functions, one of the screens can be pivoted open to allow people to use the larger area around the café.

The conference suite and meeting rooms are the only fully enclosed spaces away from the core. Ironically the only space without a direct exterior view is the video conference room.

A flexible working nature for the staff was achieved by the introduction of mobile phones, laptops, wifi system and lockers with the aim to move away from static personal workstations towards an attitude that you can work where you like. With the spacious open footprint we were able to accommodate this new approach. Large platform style desks positioned around the circumference and punctuated by low casual meeting areas or high collaboration tables that can be utilised for meetings, presentations or general work.

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