Client Brief Create a sophisticated café capable of servicing as many of the occupants of the new PricewaterhouseCoopers Building as possible.  Passing trade is also expected as word spreads of Prime’s availability.  Find a way to reduce the ‘fish bowl’ effect of the glass wall to the building foyer.  Spaces for a bar, kitchen, office and staff area along with indoor and outdoor dining are required.

Parlante Solution The space is oriented toward the harbour and is afforded a busy and varied view to that available to restaurants in the Viaduct Harbour.  Full advantage has been taken of that view in the layout of the restaurant indoor/outdoor seating. Staff area and office have been incorporated in a purpose built mezzanine above the kitchen.

The ‘fish bowl’ effect of the glass walls to the foyer has been eliminated by applying panels of cement board and laminate to the glass.  Slit glazing was left in strategic locations to allow passers by to note activity inside without necessarily being able to view the entire café.  The black leather banquette seating was up scaled by the inclusion of louvered leather panels above.  The glazing strip between these two dominant elements alleviates the solid mass.

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